The 6 Figure Agency Formula Secrets Mastermind

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The 6 Figure Agency Formula Secrets Mastermind

6 Figure Agency Formula Secrets

It was a tuesday in June 2016 (year 6 of being a solopreneur) and I was working on some insignificant time filler that made me feel busy. Around mid-day I received a message from someone I’d never heard of, asking me if I would take on a few SEO projects for her. She quickly explained that through a mutual connection my name came up as the person to go to. 

So here we were, she asked my price, I told her, and that was that! Wow, I thought!  I was amazed because I was used to always having to negotiate with potential clients. I had recently lost a deal I put a lot of time into due to price, so I was naturally in disbelief. It was like a gift from God had landed directly on my table! Not just one client, but two! 

At the time, I hadn’t realized that this referral was the byproduct of the upleveling that had happened from me investing in myself, surrounding myself with people smarter than me, and learning from people who’d been where I was at. 

After working with this agency owner for a few months  and getting great results, she discovered that I ran ads for local businesses and shared with me information about one of her clients who was exploring the facebook ads route.

She introduced us, and facilitated the deal! When I first heard the numbers I almost fainted(Seriously!!!)… They agreed to pay me, $7,000-10,000 per month to manage their 30k per month ad spend budget! Again, I couldn’t believe this was happening, although deep inside I knew it would eventually. I mean I had put in the time, learned Facebook Ads, ran a few successful campaigns, ect ect! 

But not at that level!!! 

First month was a smash! I felt like a rockstar, I had leads bleeding out my computer, and the client’s crm. 753 leads! From all across the country!  But what happened next, was something I couldn’t have seen coming.

Friday morning, my phone is ringing back to back to back, it’s the Ceo of the company I’m running ads for and the agency person  that referred me.

UBER Technologies had filed a cease and desist for some kind of infringement, and all operations had to come to a halt immediately! 


So I shut everything down and kept in contact as they worked to rebrand their business and try to replicate the parts they could.

Unfortunately, things were never the same, the brand credibility was lost somewhere in the middle of the reformation, and it was like pulling teeth to generate new leads.

We were all still really high from the first month results, and I admittedly thought I would be able to generate those same results anywhere.

I was wrong! Wrong to the tune of more than $45,000 of my clients money!

This project still has an effect on me years later, but not in the ego, soul crushing way it once did!

From this project I learned professional humility – I learned that things can change in a successful program instantly and to never get too high on results. ( I rarely post client wins because of this)

I realized that It would have helped me a great deal to have the coaches I have now to get advice from during this campaign. ( I have 2)

The third lesson this campaign taught me is to never promise results If I cannot achieve them with 100% certainty! ( I’ve turned away several clients because of guarantees they wanted).

This is one of the many reasons I’ve decided now is the time to share my experience with those who need foundational and intermediate level knowledge of running an agency.

A lot of people get stuck going from gig to gig, always having to worry about their next client. It sucks not knowing where your next client is gonna come from, especially as a parent (I have four sons, + one daughter on the way). I’ve endured the sleepless nights, I’ve had to borrow money from friends and family, feeling shameful and somewhat inept. I know how it feels to have seemingly exhausted all options!

If you truly want the roadmap to creating a sustainable 6 Figure Agency this is for you! 

If you have a deep desire to build an agency that will propel you to 6 figures…

 Here is a 100% Guaranteed Way For You To Learn How To Get There In The Shortest Possible Time…

No GImmicks, No Cheating, No Fluff! 

Just Tested Principles That Have Made a lot of people Rich!

Learn the systems that will change your business

And the things that your favorite gurus won’t show you,

which make all the difference between a struggling agency and a well oiled machine

The 6 Figure Agency Formula Secrets Mastermind shows you how to implement productivity, systems, speed, automation, and processes… that will have you well on your way to 6 Figures just as the New Year begins.

Here’s the thing, the program is in beta, which means we’re still working out small kinks…

However, it’s an incredible opportunity for you because it’s only $97 for this cohort.

This course is less than 1/10th of what your new Iphone or Note costs, and will pay dividends for years!

Only those serious enough to take control of their own futures will come aboard!

And that’s who me and my team want to work with… These are the people we’re ready to get real life results for…

If You Expect Amazing Results in Your Business, You Have To Have Amazing Systems, Processes, and Mentors …People Who Have Been Where You Are…. 

The Right Formula Makes All The Difference,  And That’s What You Will Get Here..in 6 Figure Agency Formula Secrets!.

“We cannot live better than in seeking to become better.” 

– Socrates

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