Snapchat Marketing Basics

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Snapchat Marketing Basics

Snapchat Marketing


Snapchat Marketing Basics


Snapchat is one of the numerous mobile applications that allow you to send photos and videos. But here’s the catch: both media features self-destruct after a few seconds – ten to be exact – after a person has viewed them.


Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has climbed to the top of the Social Media ladder and increasingly gained popularity, making it an in-demand application not only for individual private users, but also for businesses that have seen the growing and seemingly endless ways, they can use it to boost their sales through Snapchat Marketing services.



If you put it into perspective, you’ll realize that the 4 leading social media platforms have their own specialties:






  • Facebook helps you share about your life’s major milestones in great detail, while providing more means of conveying your thoughts and feelings to your friends.


  • Twitter helps you share and keep up with the latest news and happenings in 140 characters or less.


  • Instagram helps you capture and share those once in a lifetime moments. 


  • Snapchat helps your friends witness an event in your life as it happens in the rawest way possible.




Below are some demographic figures that all digital publishers and marketers should be aware of:



You must know how to use the app to your advantage, and how you can reach potential, real customers. Before you can dive into using Snapchat for marketing purposes, you should learn how the app works.



Snapchat 101 (Snapchat Marketing) : The Basics



Truth be told, Snapchat does not have the friendliest user-interface and it takes a while to get used to it.


First, let’s go through some terms that you ought to know:


Snaps – are those photos and video clips that self-destruct after they’re viewed. These are what you share via Snapchat

  • these can also be included in those expiring messages that you send to your friends
  • your sent and received snaps are hidden on the left side of your home screen


Story – this is made up of a series of capture moments that won’t expire in seconds; this lasts for 24 hours

– you can view the stories shared by your friends on the right side of your home screen


Chat – is the one-on-one conversations you have with a certain friend

– This works in the same way as other chat features, except for one thing, you lose the thread forever, once you navigate away from the chat screen

– also, appears on the left side of the home screen


Snapcodes – are those QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) that you can just scan to automatically add a friend



Before you can start using Snapchat, you have to install the app first. This part is a breeze. Just fill in the necessary information and follow the instructions.


Now, let’s try navigating through the Snapchat Screen.


This is the Snapchat Home Screen. The icons are labelled accordingly for your reference.


And this is the screen after you’ve taken a photo. You can now add texts, drawings and emojis to it. This is also where you set the viewing time for your post.


Now, you have learned about the basics of using Snapchat. We  will now proceed on how to use it for your business.



Snapchat Marketing/Snapchat by the Numbers



We have previously brushed through some Snapchat demographics. Let’s delve into it a little further. Knowing these facts and figures will prove to you that Snapchat is indeed, a powerful tool you can utilize not only to garner potential clients, but to draw more profit to your business.



  1. Per Bloomberg, the daily video views on Snapchat skyrocketed to 400% (from 2 billion to 10 billion) in a period of 1 year (May 2015 to May 2016). The Financial Times also stated that the video views triple every 6 months. Snapchat ads are not to be ignored as well. Re/code noted that these ads are seen by the users almost a million times on a daily basis.


What does this mean?



The continuous increase in Snapchat users and the steady increase of views for posts, ensure that there is a higher chance of getting noticed.


Snapchat has also expanded the advertising options for different brands, which now allow purchases though the app, hence, giving business owners and operators a much wider marketing reach.



  1. It is estimated that 60% of smartphone users; and 7 out of 10 millennials have Snapchat accounts.


It was found out that 45% of all US Snapchat users are within the ages of 18 to 24. ComScore reported that 60% of 13 to 34-year-old Americans use the app.


This gives you a clear and concrete idea of your target audience; you should just know how to reach them.


  1. There are now more active Snapchat users than Twitter users.


These are some basic information that you have to consider once you decide to use Snapchat for your business.



Snapchat Marketing Strategies


The main purpose of businesses using various social media platforms is to get more attention. And that is Snapchat’s biggest asset, ATTENTION. Since all posts self-destruct in a matter of seconds, viewers must be very attentive and engaged, when they browse through their Snapchat feed, otherwise, it will have passed them, just like that. It’s just like talking with another person face-to-face, you should pay close attention to what they say, otherwise, you will have missed it; there are no save or auto-save features in our daily conversations. It’s either you remember it or you don’t.



  1. Make sure to let your friends and followers from other platforms know that you have a Snapchat account.




  1. Capture those quick, attention-grabbing moments!

These should be creatively presented and truly engaging; you just have to think of different ways you can keep your viewers hooked.





  1. Give out Rewards and Coupons

This is an awesome way to give your friends incentives for remaining up-to-date with your profile and your offers. You can send out promo codes and of course, show them how to redeem it.




  1. Give a sneak peek of upcoming products.

This is a great way to create buzz for new items, be it a product or a service. And to ensure high sales once you launch the product, you can also promote these products by posting or sharing behind-the-scenes photos and snapshots. By doing so, you are stirring their curiosity, leaving them intrigued with anticipation.





  1. Inform your friends about upcoming events and sales.

This is simply inviting your friends to your event, and a flash sale is the best way to do this. Your customers will be clamoring for these events, and these exclusive offers last for a brief period of time, so they really have to be alert.




  1. Use Geofilters

Snapchat has allowed users to purchase and create a filter that will be available to their friends within a specific area for a given period of time.




  1. Get an Influencer to do the promoting for you.

An Influencer is somebody who has already established a good reputation across all social media platforms. He or She may be a big time or local celebrity whom you can ask to endorse your product or service for you.



Your chosen Influencer can promote your business in 2 ways:


  1. Through a Sponsored Post


This method would likely cost you money or a product sample. Since Snapchat posts don’t last for a long time, this should not cost as much as a Facebook or Instagram post. 


  1.   Through a Snapchat Takeover


This method is done by having your chosen Influencer to run your Snapchat account for a particular period of time.




  1. Set a date for a Snapchat Q&A session


Conducting a Q&A for your avid fans gives them a chance to know more about you and your business on a different level. They get to ask you those thought-provoking questions that have always piqued their interests.




You’ve got to strike while Snapchat is still hot and make the most out of its features (which will be discussed in the next article), to promote and eventually, benefit your business. Know “when” and “what” to post and how you want to convey your message.  Strategize, think twice, but don’t second guess too much. You have to capture those unguarded, natural moments and share them right away.



Thanks for reading our Snapchat Marketing Basics guide.




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