Pinterest  It  All  

Digital Marketing and Lead generation for Local businesses looking to grow and scale.

Pinterest  It  All  


Pinterest is also  one  of  the  leading  social  networking  sites  today. This  is  a  good  platform  especially  for   businesses  which  concentrate  on  various  types  of  products.  Do not be afraid to use  Pinterest. It is a very effective medium  if  you  wish  to  promote  your  products  on  a  wider  target  market  with  the  use  of   photos!

Tip  #51  –  Your Business Profile

You can promote and sell  your  products  through  pinterest  and  if  you  are  serious  about  this  then  it  is   highly  recommended  that  you  set  up  your  business  account.  Doing  this  would  also  help  you  establish   your  credibility  and  portray  a  sense  of  professionalism  to  your  target  customers.

Tip  #52  –  Tools  Are  Important

Get  higher  chances  of  your  products  being  noticed  by  using  the  tools  available  for  this  particular  social   networking  site.    Several  tools  can  offer  you  a  dashboard  with  its  very  own  analytics  and  scheduler  and   even  keep  updated  with  the  trending  pins  and  boards  which  may  interest  you.

Tip  #53  –  Measure  Your  Efficiency

When  implementing  a  marketing  strategy,  it  is  a  must  to  regularly  check  your  analytics.  Pinterest  offers   one  as  part  of  their  features.  You  will  be  able  to  determine  the  volume  of  individuals  who  are  pinning   from  your  site  and  also  determine  the  volume  of  how  many  viewed  those  which  you  have  pinned.

Tip  #54  –  Have A Pin-able Site

Help  spread  the  news  about  your  company  and  the  products  which  you  are  offering  by  making  your  site   pin-able.  Through  this,  other  individuals  may  start  pinning  from  your  company  website.

Tip  #55  –  Product  Pins  Work

Since  there  are  three  types  of  pins  which  you  can  use  in  Pinterest,  make  sure  that  you  choose  product   pins.    Since  the  photos  in  this  networking  site  includes  the  price  tag,  once  somebody  repins  your   products,  they  will  automatically  be  informed  if  there  would  be  drops  in  its  price.

Tip  #56  –  Identify  Your  Target

Standard  with  all  the  other  marketing  strategy,  you  must  know  your  target  audience.  You  have  to  do  the   needed  research  work  for  you  to  figure  this  one  out.  By  doing  this,  you’ll  be  able  to  create  a  strategy  of   your  own  which  you  can  effectively  implement  once  you  use  pinterest.

Tip  #57  –  Have  Some  Fun

Aside  from  the  great  photos  which  Pinterest  users  enjoy,  why  not  make  things  a  lot  more  interesting  by   running  a  contest.  This  will  make  it  more  engaging  and  you  will  surely  get  likes  and  followers.

Tip  #58  –  Info  graphics  Works  Too

If  you  wish  to  increase  the  level  of  engagement  as  well  as  the  volume  of  your  followers,  then  you  may   want  to  consider  creating  info  graphics.  These  educational  pieces  are  definitely  a  plus  factor.  All  you   have  to  do  is  find  the  right  tool  to  create  a  really  effective  and  visually  appealing  one.

Tip  #59  –  Engage  With  Others

You  also  have  to  comment,  like  and  re-­‐pinning  the  pins  of  others.  Social  media  means  you  have  to   connect  to  the  other  members  of  the  community.  This  applies  to  all  platforms  and  not  just  in  Pinterest.

Tip  #60  –  Reality  Check

Make  sure  that  you  check  out  your  rivals.  This  will  help  you  find  new  ways  to  improve  your  own   products  and  make  it  stand  out  from  the  rest.


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