New Google Service Generates 10-20 New Sales Per Month

Digital Marketing and Lead generation for Local businesses looking to grow and scale.

New Google Service Generates 10-20 New Sales Per Month

The lifeblood of any business is Sales! In fact, nothing happens in a business until a sale is made! My business mentor taught me that 12 years ago, and it’s the number one principle I base my service to my clients.

As a contractor you know that in order to have enough sales you need a consistent flow of leads! Wondering where your next job is coming from is a headache, and worse, paying for leads that are sold to you and 5 other contractors leads to a race to the bottom just to compete…

What you really want is hot leads! People who are already looking for your service who want to pay you for their project…People that aren’t influenced by price or your competitors. Homeowners and Businesses who have a problem and need it fixed. 

That’s where me and my team come in! Since 2011 we’ve successfully helped more than 170 local businesses set up permanent inbound lead generation systems. In the last 2 years alone we’ve helped our clients generate over 3.7 Million in inbound sales. 

What we’ve set out to do is create the most effective service that could prove results in the shortest amount of time for Roofers, Plumbers, and other local contractors. We’ve created  a system that…

  •  Puts you front and center when leads are searching for your service
  •  Showcases your credibility
  •  Gives them a direct way to contact and book an appointment
  •  Puts you in Google’s 3 pack so you generate as many leads as advertisers

So how does all this work?

We’ve tested and worked with other local contractors to find out their most important issues and have developed a system that generates leads for over 90% of the contractors we’ve worked with!

Our system will only  work for you if…

  • You have a website
  • You offer a contracting service
  • You can follow up with customer calls and appointments
  • You can show up and complete the job
  • You can handle more jobs

Here’s our formula –

Keyword Research and Plan (10 Keywords)

Website SEO Optimization

Google Console Optimization w/Sitemap submission 

Hyper-Local Citations 

3 Authority Posts

Deep Link Submissions

Backlinks from high authority websites

Press Release to 450+ online Publications 

Google My Business Profile Optimization

Reserve with Google appointment/booking Setup

Why are we sharing our formula with you? We’re confident that most others will either charge you out the wazoooo, or won’t be able to duplicate the results we do consistently. Additionally, our partnerships with Google and Press Cable give us a clear path to delivering results.

Now is the perfect time for you to put your business in a position to attract more high paying customers! 

Are you gonna wait around and miss out?

Click the link to take advantage of this offer before it’s gone! !!!

10% of all sales go to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation

(P.S.) When we originally offered this amazing deal, we received more than 70 responses of people who missed out asking us to bring it back)!

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