Messenger Marketing Chatbots Are The Future…

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Messenger Marketing Chatbots Are The Future…

Messenger Marketing Chatbots are here to stay.

Whether we like it or not… Messenger Marketing Chatbots are the future!

We happened to have embraced the efficacy of Chatbots in the early development stages of Manychat, Chatfuel, IBM’s initial Cloud platform for Agencies and NLP Developers, Mobile Monkey, and the A.I. powered Shopify bots such as Go Beyond AI (my personal favorite for eCommerce.

Did you know that Chatbots are even being used by Academic Departments as is the case of Juji.io, a San Jose based natural language based chatbot platform. Side Note… There is an actual community called School of Bots, created by Kyle Willis and Natasha Takahashi. In fact, our founder is a member of the TCAA program at School of Bots.

Are you curious about all the buzz surrounding Messenger Marketing and Chatbots? Ever wondered if a Messenger Marketing Chatbot could be used to boost sales in your business? If so, you’re one of many, and as an early adopter, we take pride in helping business owners and marketers separate truth from fiction pertaining to bots.

We’ve heard a lot of the concerns, questions, and fears that business owners have when it comes to these little automatons.

Here’s the truth…. They do not work for everyone nor do they work for every industry! Similar to most things, one must approach Messenger Marketing with an open mind in order to expect positive results.

We have the Proof that when used properly in a business that has a good understanding of their customer base, Messenger Bot can generate POWERFUL results…

If you’d like to learn a few facts about the benefits of how Messenger Marketing can work in your business, click the link below and pay close attention…

Click here to get a glimpse of the future….. http://bit.ly/2sj1ayl/  ‼️


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