LinkedIn and Your Business

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LinkedIn and Your Business




When  it  comes  to  social  media  marketing  for  entrepreneurs,  LinkedIn  is  topping  the  charts  with  its  over   200  million  users.    You  can  find  new  customers,  enhance  your  business  relationships  and  connect  with   other  individuals  who  share  the  same  interests  as  you  do.  However,  you  have  to  make  sure  that  you   employ  the  right  strategy  when  using  this  platform  so  that  you  will  be  able  to  make  the  most  out  of  it.

Tip  #31  –  Client  Focused  Profile

Similar  with  other  types  of  social  networking  sites,  you  have  to  first  sign  up  and  create  your  business   profile.    However,  since  LinkedIn  has  so  many  fields  allotted  for  your  personal,  business  or  employment   background,  make  sure  that  you  do  not  end  up  making  a  resume  instead  of  an  interesting  profile.    Focus   your  profile  to  your  target  clients.  Create  a  description  which  would  let  the  viewer  know  what  your   company  is  all  about,  what  benefits  will  they  gain  if  they  choose  your  products  and  services  as  well  as   inform  them  why  your  company  is  the  best.    Make  a  great  start  by  creating  a  profile  which  will  have  a   great  impact  and  leave  a  good  impression.

Tip  #32  –  Get  Connected

You  can  find  new  clients  by  making  use  of  its  search  function.  You  can  also  use  this  feature  in  finding  the   profiles  of  your  business  partners.  Get  as  much  connection  as  you  can  for  you  to  enjoy  the  great  benefits   which  LinkedIn  will  offer.

Tip  #33  –  Choose  Wisely

You  can  choose  whoever  you  would  like  to  connect  to  but  you  have  to  be  careful  when  choosing  them.     You  need  to  make  connections  to  those  whom  you  think  you  can  create  or  develop  a  great  business   relationship.  Your  connections  must  be  productive  and  efficient.    The  deeper  the  connections  you  have   with  your  network  the  better.

Tip  #34  –  Give  and  Receive  Recommendations

This  is  one  thing  which  would  greatly  benefit  your  company  and  let  your  potential  clients  know  that  you   are  doing  a  great  job.  You  simply  cannot  beg  for  recommendations.  Instead,  what  you  can  do  is  give  a   recommendation  to  a  person  or  business  which  you  have  worked  with.  Once  you  do  this,  they  will  be   given  a  notification  if  that  company  would  also  like  to  give  you  a  good  recommendation  which  they  will   probably  be  doing  too.    You  can  also  use  this  same  process  with  endorsements.    Great  endorsements   and  recommendations  mean  making  a  better  impression  to  your  target  clients.

Tip  #35  –  Targeted  Groups  Are  Useful  Too

The  groups  in  this  particular  type  of  social  networking  site  each  share  the  same  interests.  They  share   current  events  and  join  discussions  about  their  common  interests.  You  can  use  these  groups  and  choose   those  which  you  find  interesting,  groups  which  have  members  who  are  also  your  target  customers  and   groups  which  you  think  has  interests  that  are  beneficial  for  the  products  and  services  which  you  are   offering.    You  can  build  your  credibility  through  these  groups  and  increase  the  odds  of  finding  your   prospective  customers.

Tip  #36  –  Interesting  and  Informative  Status  Updates

Constantly  remind  your  clients  about  what  you  do  by  posting  status  updates  about  your  company.  This   is  a  great  yet  subtle  way  of  informing  them  once  again  about  what  you  can  give  and  what  benefits  they   can  get.  It’s  a  great  way  of  sending  out  a  reminder  without  being  too  pushy.

Tip  #37  –  Read  the  Updates  of  Others

Watch  out  for  the  status  updates  of  other  individuals.  You  will  never  know,  you  may  find  that  great   opportunity  to  get  in  touch  with  them  and  discuss  more  about  how  the  both  of  you  can  benefit  from   what  you  can  offer  them.  Specifically  keep  an  eye  on  those  status  updates  which  are  related  to  the  type   of  business  which  you  are  promoting.    Once  you  get  a  hold  of  the  person  of  interest,  initiate  a  fruitful   conversation  and  start  establishing  a  good  business  relationship.

Tip  #38  –  Connect  It  with  Other  Social  Media

Several  successful  online  entrepreneurs  have  proven  that  they  receive  more  interaction  if  their  other   social  media  profiles  are  connected  to  it.  Once  they  see  the  post  you  have  published  on  twitter  for   instance.    This  is  a  good  tip  which  you  may  want  to  give  a  try.

Tip  #39  –  Add  Applications

Much  like  other  social  networking  sites,  there  are  several  applications  which  you  can  integrate  to  your   LinkedIn  account.  These  apps  will  help  you  market  your  business  on  a  whole  new  different  level.    Since   there  are  several  of  these  available,  you  will  surely  find  that  one  which  will  suit  the  type  of  business   which  you  are  trying  to  promote.

Tip  #40  –  Be  Found

Make  sure  that  your  LinkedIn  profile  is  searchable  by  optimizing  it.  This  will  allow  other  potential  clients   to  find  you,  your  company  and  the  products  or  services  which  you  are  offering.



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