Instagram and the Power of Photos

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Instagram and the Power of Photos


Instagram  is  more  than  just  a  photo  sharing  community.  It  is  also  a  special  tool  which  entrepreneurs  like   you  can  use  to  boost  your  online  presence.


Tip  #41  –  Have  a  consistent  Username

Your  usernames  must  be  consistent  with  all  your  other  social  media  profiles.  This  allows  your  existing   and  potential  clients  to  identify  you  better  and  also  recognize  you  and  your  company.


Tip  #42  –  Send  a  Message  with  Your  Profile

Your  profile  is  where  everything  begins.  Be  as  comprehensive  as  possible  when  making  your  profile.  You   can  introduce  your  company’s  values  and  objectives.  You  can  even  offer  them  a  brief  background  of   your  company.  Send  the  right  message  by  properly  creating  your  Instagram  profile.


Tip  #43  –  Search  Your  Target  Viewers

With  the  help  of  using  hash  tags,  you  will  be  able  to  locate  potential  clients  and  even  followers  who   share  the  same  interests  as  you  do.  You  can  also  make  use  of  Instagram’s  search  function  to  find   individuals  who  are  searching  for  the  products  and  services  which  you  are  offering.    Once  you  have   identified  these,  then  you  can  begin  analyzing  their  interactions  in  Instagram,  pinpoint  their  main  need   related  to  what  you  are  offering  and  device  a  good  strategy  to  catch  their  attention.


Tip  #44  –  Story  Telling  Sells

As  we  all  know,  Instagram  is  one  of  the  largest  photo  sharing  community  over  the  internet.  It  houses   millions  of  users  and  standing  out  above  the  rest  is  a  must  if  you  want  to  establish  your  company’s   presence.  You  can  do  this  by  telling  a  story  with  the  use  of  stunning  photos.


Tip  #45  –  Capture  Great  Shots

Of  course,  you  have  to  make  sure  that  the  pictures  you  posts  are  all  amazing.  You  therefore,  have  to   make  sure  that  you  have  somebody  who  knows  how  to  take  great  pictures  or  learn  how  to  do  it  yourself.  The  success  of  your  strategy  implemented  in  Instagram,  greatly  lies  on  the  photos  which  you   will  be  sharing.  Learn  the  various  techniques  of  taking  great  pictures.


Tip  #46  –  Behind  the  Scenes  Photos

One  great  way  of  connecting  to  your  customers  as  well  as  allowing  them  to  get  to  know  you  better  is  by   posting  photos  of  things  that  is  happening  within  your  company.  You  can  post  shots  during  an  event   preparation  or  perhaps  during  an  office  eat  out.  You  can  take  candid  shots  too.    Doing  this,  will  allow   your  customers  have  an  inside  view  of  what  is  happening  with  your  company.


Tip  #47  –  Showcase  Your  Products

Another  great  thing  which  you  can  do  with Instagram  is  to  showcase  the  products  which  you  are   offering.    You  can  provide  up  close  photos  of  what  you  have.  You  can  start  with  your  best  sellers  down   to  your  discounted  offers.  Post  the  best  shots  as  possible  to  attract  the  attention  of  your  potential   targets.


Tip  #48  –  Getting  To  Know

Another  great  idea  when  using  Instagram  is  to  post  photos  of  you  and  your  employees.  This  will  let  your   followers  know  the  individuals  who  are  responsible  for  the  great  company  that  you  have.  Your   employees  too  would  love  this.    Add  up  a  short  description  about  each  employee  and  you  are  good  to   go.


Tip  #49  –  Interaction  Is  Important

You  also  have  to  comment  and  share  other  individual’s  photos.  Simply  posting  your  photos  will  not   guarantee  that  you  will  have  tons  of  followers  right  away.    You  have  to  engage  with  other  users  as  much   as  you  can  and  also  make  sure  that  your  comments  are  relevant  and  insightful.


Tip  #50  –  Use  Third  Party  Apps

There  are  several  applications  which  you  can  use  to  make  your  photos  more  attractive  and  desirable.   You  can  even  choose  those  which  would  allow  you  to  combine  several  images  in  one  photograph.


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