Hyper Local Citations

Digital Marketing and Lead generation for Local businesses looking to grow and scale.

Hyper Local Citations

Hyper Local Citations


When you’re done with Big Citations, Hyper-Local will help you get done the remaining citations that are possible for a
business. You’ll need a full list of all potential citation sources available so your local site will rise above everyone else’s. Available anywhere in the world.

Our Hyper Local Citations service includes;

The best citation sources of your top 5 ranking competitors.
The top 50 best citation sources for your city.
Any key citation sources that might be missing from the list after it’s compiled are added.

40 Done-For-You Citations $119.99
80 Done-For-You Citations $239.99
150 Done-For-You Citations $399.99


We’ve been testing citations since 2012, here’s some of my findings.

If your local site is already on the map for some of its important keywords (2nd, 3rd, 4th page), chances are high that citations will have a noticeable affect on your SERPs.

The BAD news first, this service is NOT for:

  • Thin affiliate sites.
  • Sites or businesses that don’t have a physical address. You can rank for a while with a fake address but it’s not a long-term strategy.

Now for the GOOD news

  • It works very well for local businesses trying to rank locally






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