Customer Nurturing is KING

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Customer Nurturing is KING


Users and clients alike are tired of receiving non personalized communication from you. To retain a loyal audience in a sea of growing competitors, nurture the relationships you’ve built with your customers through thoughtful personalization, not cookie-cutter copy. In fact, customers who don’t feel like they’re being treated as unique individuals are less likely to continue interacting with a brand, and 74% of customers feel frustrated when they receive generic messages according to Janrain, a customer identity management platform.

A customer-centric approach is inherently empathic. Do you make your customers feel genuinely valued, understood, and empowered? Brands that thoughtfully shape the customer experience by treating each user as an individual, create meaningful connections, according to the customer experience professionals at TalkDesk.

Businesses can take their customer relationships to the next level by embodying characteristics that make most relationships successful.  Specifically—being personable by delivering relevancy and relatability, being honest about data collection and usage, and being straightforward to instill trust regarding security.

Is your business nurturing its client relationships?

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