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Remarketing with Facebook Ads

Is Your Business Remarketing with Facebook Ads

Is Your Business Remarketing with Facebook Ads?

Real Estate Sales

5 Steps to Boosting your Real Estate Sales with a Sales Funnel

For a real estate agent, success requires a consistent pipeline of leads. In order to have a successful real estate career, you need to constantly find new leads and turn them into clients. This can be accomplished by implementing a funnel into your business.

Customer Nurturing is KING

Users and clients alike are tired of receiving non personalized communication from you. To retain a loyal audience in a sea of growing competitors, nurture the relationships you’ve built with your customers through thoughtful personalization, not cookie-cutter copy. In fact, customers who don’t feel like they’re being treated as unique individuals are less likely to…
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Referral Program

Earn Cash by joining our Referral Program

Get Paid for Referring Customers to Us Activate your affiliate account and start earning money today…   We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link. We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don’t have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission.…
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It’s  Time  for  Google+

   We all  know that Facebook  and  Twitter  both  came  first  but  the  effects  of  Google+  when  it  comes  to   being  an  effective  tool  for  internet  marketing  is  unmistakable.  Once  you  master  the  right  techniques  of   using  this  platform,  you  will  not  only  increase  your  online  visibility,  web  traffic  and  sales  but  you…
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How do I approach an agency?

The oldest way to go about it is to visit them. Book an appointment ahead of time by phone. Bring at least 2 pictures. They don’t have to be professional pictures. A head shot, natural and clear. Also a full length shot that somewhat reveals your figure, a clingy dress , swimsuit, figure flattering clothes…
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