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Soap Opera Sequences

Soap Operas aren’t just for TV📺

People buy from people, and most of us HATE being solicited and sold to by Corporate salespeople. This is exactly why your small business MUST incorporate Soap Sequences into the mix… To humanize the relationship with your customers.

SEO Agency

10 Amazing Secrets to find an SEO Agency and how to know you’ve Chosen the right partner

As an SEO agency with more than 15 years of experience, we’ve seen some not so good agencies. However, we know there are some good SEO’s still out there!

Remarketing with Facebook Ads

Is Your Business Remarketing with Facebook Ads

Is Your Business Remarketing with Facebook Ads?

Real Estate Sales

5 Steps to Boosting your Real Estate Sales with a Sales Funnel

For a real estate agent, success requires a consistent pipeline of leads. In order to have a successful real estate career, you need to constantly find new leads and turn them into clients. This can be accomplished by implementing a funnel into your business.


Customer Nurturing is KING

Users and clients alike are tired of receiving non personalized communication from you. To retain a loyal audience in a sea of growing competitors, nurture the relationships you’ve built with your customers through thoughtful personalization, not cookie-cutter copy. In fact, customers who don’t feel like they’re being treated as unique individuals are less likely to…
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Network Marketing

Discover The Top Network Marketers Sales Secrets

Discover The Real Methods That Top Network Marketers Are Actually Using To Recruit & Get Paid (And It’s Not What Is Taught At Events)

Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation Giveaway

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Google Reserve

How To Turn Your Google Listing Into Your 24 Hour A Day Sales Force

What could 10-20 new customers per month do for your business? There is a ton of competition on Google, and most businesses either try to outspend their competitors, or they fall through the cracks because they don’t have a proven strategy. This usually means that you’re probably missing out on thousands in sales because you…
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New Google Service Generates 10-20 New Sales Per Month

The lifeblood of any business is Sales! In fact, nothing happens in a business until a sale is made! My business mentor taught me that 12 years ago, and it’s the number one principle I base my service to my clients. As a contractor you know that in order to have enough sales you need…
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