The  Basics of Twitter Marketing

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The  Basics of Twitter Marketing



Twitter  offers  a  micro  blogging  service  which  is  also  one  of  the  most  effective  social  media  platform   used  for  online  marketing.    It  allows  its  users  to  post  a  very  short  description  of  140  characters.  Several   entrepreneurs  are  using  this  platform  to  promote  their  products  and  services  by  reaching  a  larger  target   audience.  Here are 20 steps that explain Twitter Marketing.


Tip  #11  –  Tell  Your  Story
Tell  your  story  through  your  twitter  account.  This  will  greatly  influence  the  response  of  other  people  to   you.    Also,  by  setting  up  your  account  properly,  your  followers  will  be  able  to  identify  your  company   brand  apart  from  your  competitors.  The  name  and  the  image  that  you  choose  must  be  consistent  with   your  other  profiles  which  have  been  set  up  on  a  different  medium  and  it  should  also  be  easily  associated   with  your  company’s  identity.


  Tip  #12  –  Find  an  Effective  Strategy
After  setting  up  an  account,  you  also  have  to  make  sure  that  you  have  a  good  marketing  strategy  in   place.  This  is  very  important  if  you  wish  to  make  the  most  out  of  this  particular  social  networking  site.   Your  strategy  must  include  the  way  you  can  acquire  followers,  who  will  you  follow,  how  often  you  will   be  posting,  what  type  of  content  you  will  be  posting  and  several  others.

  Tip  #13  –  Share  Interesting  Topics
With  twitter,  users  are  provided  an  easier  way  to  share  topics  which  they  find  interesting.  This  is  one  of   the  main  reasons  why  so  many  individuals  love  this  networking  site.    Make  use  of  the  140  character   description  properly  by  creating  a  catchy  statement  which  would  draw  in  the  interest  of  your  followers.


Tip  #14  –  Go  Follow  Others
You  must  choose  the  people  that  you  want  to  follow  because  once  you  do,  you  will  be  reading  whatever   posts  they  share.    Go  slow  when  doing  this  since  Twitter  has  rigid  guidelines  when  it  comes  to  excessive   following  and  they  suspend  accounts  once  they  find  it  as  suspicious.  You  can  follow  your  clients,   contractors,  suppliers  and  other  individuals  within  your  professional  network.


  Tip  #15  –  Find  the  Sweet  Spot
You  can  do  this  by  finding  what  your  target  clients  need.  You  can  also  concentrate  on  informing  them   how  your  products  and  services  would  benefit  your  prospective  customers.  This  is  commonly  known  as   the  sweet  spot  of  all  consumers.  Provide  a  solution  to  their  problems  or  answer  their  questions  and  you   will  be  considered  as  worth  following  by  other  members.


  Tip  #16  –  Start  Tweeting  Smartly
Learn  how  to  post  in  Twitter.  This  aspect  is  very  important  knowing  for  a  fact  that  you  are  only  allowed   to  have  a  micro  blog  which  is  140  characters  long.  Try  out  different  ways  of  writing  the  post  before   actually  posting  it.    Create  interesting  posts  which  will  draw  in  other  users  to  actually  read  what  you   have  just  posted.


Tip  #17  –  Connect  the  Dots
It  is  very  important  to   connect  your  twitter  account  to  your  actual  business  website.  This  social   networking  site  offers  an  option  wherein  you  can  simply  add  your  website  to  your  twitter  account.  You   can  also  make  use  of  their  widget  which  will  allow  you  to  share  your  tweet  timeline  to  your  business   website.    By  doing  so,  your  website  visitors  will  be  able  to  view  your  actual  conversations  in  twitter.  It’s   like  hitting  two  birds  with  one  stone.  Lastly,  add  a  twitter  button  to  your  site  so  that  your  website   visitors  can  share  the  content  of  your  website  to  their  twitter  account.


  Tip  #18  –  Make  Use  of  Great  Snapshots
Twitter  also  allows  photo  sharing  on  their  networking  site.  You  can  post  snapshots  of  important  events   which  took  place  in  your  company.


Tip  #19  –  Measure  It  Out
It  is  also  vital  to  measure  how  your  twitter  marketing  strategy  is  going.  It  is  a  must  on  every  marketing   process  to  find  out  the  efficiency  of  the  implemented  plan.  Through  this,  you  will  be  able  to  make  the   needed  improvements  so  that  you  will  be  able  to  hit  your  desired  targets.


  Tip  #20  –  Promote  Your  Twitter
Lastly  on  twitter’s  tips  and  tricks,  you  also  have  to  promote  your  twitter  account.  You  can  include  this  in   your  website’s  main  page  or  contact  page.  You  can  include  this  on  your  email  signature  and  even   promote  it  on  other  social  networking  sites.


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