7 ways to use a Facebook Pixel to triple your sales

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7 ways to use a Facebook Pixel to triple your sales

Facebook Pixel

 What is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook Pixel can be described as a short text code that you placed on your website in other to achieve some desired results. Attaching this little piece of code to your site brings many advantages which include:

  1. Ads Optimization: This helps you to deliver your ads to a target audience that can be easily converted.
  2. Conversion Tracking: This enables you to see which of your Ads is working and which one is not so that you focus more on the winning ones and neglect the nonperforming ones.
  3. Custom Audience Creation: This is the utilization of your customers’ behavior and action to your sale offers to make more sales of your products and services that meet their demands and needs.

It also enables us to monitor all our ad conversions from Facebook Ads and optimized Ads based on received data. It also helps us to develop a focused audience for upcoming ads and make more sales from qualified leads, i.e., those customers who have generated interest in your website.

Also, it works by following the website visitors who are FB users. As these people interact with your website, the site notifies Facebook about the pages they visited, the button they clicked and the duration of their stay on the website.

Definition of Facebook Retargeting

In a simple term, Facebook retargeting is a type of advertising system that allows you to reach out to those who have once;

  • Visited your website,
  • Subscribe to your newsletter or
  • Made a Purchased of goods and services on your site.

Facebook gives you ‘retargeting audiences’ opportunity based on your list of customers, your website traffic, the activities on your official mobile App, offline events, and customer engagements.

Customer Engagement

For instance, your existing email list can be uploaded directly to Facebook, and a Custom Audience created from it.

How does it work? After the receipt of data from your email list, a Facebook algorithm will try to synchronize the file with individual FB Ids on the big database. The email of those that match will then be added to your Custom Audience which contains all your subscribers who are Facebook users

You can also retarget those how have visited your website in the past 180 days.

Firstly, get FB Pixel installed into your website header if you want this feature to work.

After that, log in to FB and create a Website Custom Audience also known as WCA of Website traffic.

It has been established that customers need many touch points before deciding to purchase. Subsequently, you will learn ‘Seven Ways of Using FB Pixel to Triple your Sales’ by merely retargeting and creating those so important many touch points with your audience.

Way #1Retargeting All Your Website Visitors

FB Pixel must be installed on your site or platform ASAP because until you install it, the custom audience will not start building.

After the installation, you will have to create a custom audience and instruct Facebook to feed you with all your main domain visitors and how recently did that happen.

For example, a Website Custom Audience of those who have visited your website in the last 180 days can be created as below:

Custom Audience

Facebook allows you to monitor visitors to your websites and use the information to retarget them for a maximum of 180 days. Meanwhile, FB automatically removes those who didn’t revisit your site within that period from the custom audience.

This standard custom audience is utilized for general engagement campaigns like brand awareness so that your company remains in the customers’ minds.

This is the magic! You can set this up as granular as you want by creating separate audience between 1 to 180 days.


Consequently, this audience can be systematically used to send follow-up messages thereby replacing or augmenting your email marketing software.

The significant advantage of this method is the low friction faced when contacting people on their Facebook Newsfeed.

For instance, a custom video Ad can be created and sent to them immediately after they visit your website. This will serve as a means of targeting your first Custom Audience.

Custom Audience

After that, you can send a second message using another video Ad but this time, visitors in the last three days are your focus excluding the visitors in the previous 24 hours.

Custom Audience

While Open Email rate is about 20% on average, this type system presents a view rate of 60% plus.

Way #2 – Retargeting Category Page Visitors

Before you start using a Custom Audience for Ads, you are highly recommended to have a minimum of several hundred of people in a Custom Audience.

Occasionally, it takes up to a month before a categorized custom audience can be available for usage.

By the time it is ready, it can be used for promoting individual products within it.

Let’s assume that you have an e-commerce store, a group of people that visited a particular product (e.g., ties category) can be targeted and promote the bestselling item in that category to them.


The attractive way to do that is using what we call carrousel ads. This is a type of ad that displays a small number of images in one ad at a time.

Carousel Ads


Example of Facebook carrousel ad that promotes product-specific pages.

Another method that can be used is the category- type which focuses on retargeting your blog.

An example of category-type is shown in the Digital Marketer below.

Anytime somebody visits an article about a Facebook advertisement; he or she will begin to notice an Ad offering something similar to Lead Magnet. Shown below is an example of FB Ad Template they can use for free.

Ad Template

Way #3 – Retargeting People that have visited a Specific Page 

FB Pixel helps us to be more specific.

The ads about the exact products people visited can show to them even if they have not purchased such products.

Remarkable isn’t it!

A custom audience based on the number of visitors to an individual web page can be manually set up by you.

Preferably if your e-commerce has hundreds of products on it, the dynamic retargeting feature of the FB Pixel can be used to create smart remarketing campaigns.


For instance, TBdress, which is an e-commerce website combined with carousel ads reported a 5X increase in sales conversions.

Sales Conversions

An example of Facebook useful product retargets ads.

Following the same trend, you can set up a custom audience for visitors that visit a particular article on your blog thereby retargeting them with a matching lead magnet.

Way #4. Rescuing people from Abandoned Shopping Carts

According to Wikipedia, the rate at which a typical shopping cart is abandoned varies between 60 and 80 percent and at an average of 67.91%.

This means that up to 2/of all add-to-carts drop before checkout. This point presents a massive prospect for retargeting.

You can also make use of the power of FB retargeting to nudge and remind those people who added an item to cart or wish-list but didn’t check out and get them back finish the purchasing process.

Because it is specific, it will bring outstanding results.

Shown below is an Amazon remarketing ad of a book that I’ve just added to my Wishlist.

Sponsored Ads

Likewise, if you are doing a launch of your online course, you can send reminder ads to every visitor that visit the checkout page but did not get to order confirmation page.

The best strategy to use at this point is to present a secondary payment option like a ‘buy now discount’ or ‘even payment plan.’

Way #5. Retargeting Your Subscribers

Generating a list of contacts is the foundation of any successful online business.

If you are online marketing but fail to build an email list, or you do not have one, you are making a huge mistake.

Regarding ROI, Email Marketing is still regarded as the best marketing channel.

FB Retargeting offers you the most significant asset as an alternative to email marketing because it allows you to upload your entire email list to FB thereby creating a custom audience from the list.

This custom audience can be used as a target in an attempt to convert subscribers to buyers.

Those that have seen the promotion can be excluded so as not to exhaust your list.

Reaching out to people who are already your subscribers but not customers can increase the conversion rate exponentially

Way #6. Retargeting Your Buyers

How do I create a Custom Audience of Buyers?

Achieving this is very simple. Just follow the steps below

  1. A Custom audience of everyone that visited specific pages of your website or blog and the Order information page can be selected as the target URL.
  2. It can also be achieved by uploading a Buyers’ email list.
  3. If you sell information product on the membership site, you can also create a Custom Audience of everyone that visited your members’ area page.

Custom Audience can also be used to market Upsells, affiliate products or preferably give them a discount on next purchase thereby increasing the customer LTV.

For example, Casetify, a Hong Kong e-commerce startup, make of custom audiences to send ads to their former customers on Mother’s Day. The result was 3X sales compared to their previous sales on the same celebration and another 3X sale on their returning customers.

3x Sales


Udemy is another advertiser that used Custom Audience for cross-promotion and information about special offers.

Udemy Ad

If you already have a group of buyers; there is every tendency that they will buy from you again. You have to capitalize on that.


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